Ocean Themed Casino Slot Games

When creating an online casino slot game, it useful for the designer to choose a theme. An ocean theme is ideal because it is relevant to all cultures and can provide great opportunities for graphic design.

Graphic Design Choices

The most common color scheme for an ocean theme is predominantly blues and greens. Blue is usually the background color giving the environment that the game is set in.

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A traditional slot game will be made up of numbers or simple images which must match up during a spin for the player to win. An ocean themed slot game will usually have images rather than numbers. These images are often complex.

Options for the images that must match in an ocean themed slot game can be (but are not limited to) fish and other aquatic life, boats, scuba diver, buried treasure, sea shells and other sea iconography.

An online slot game with this theme could utilise animations to make it more immersive for the player. Since the background color would be blue the images that would spin are often of different brighter colors. This is to help catch the player’s eye and to be more visually pleasing.

An Example

The casino slot game Lord of the Ocean uses the character of Neptune to guide the player and teach them how to play the game. It also uses the character to create a sense of narrative.

Players are given incentive by winning virtual treasure chests. It appeals to a predominantly male audience by focusing on female mermaids. The player is encouraged to win the chests to impress them.

This is a prime example of casino slots that take place under the sea.