Famous Oceanologists

  • James Cook

This British born navigator was a captain of the Royal Navy. He sailed across the world and mapped out numerous new lands. This included the charting of New Zealand and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia’s coast. His famous ship, Endeavour was instrumental in a plethora of oceanology developments. This included creating one of the first accurate maps of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Matthew Maury

This American born oceanographer was one of the first to publish a book on the subject. He is often considered the father of what was to become modern oceanography. He was a Reconnaissance Man who was also a significant figure in the fields of astronomy, history, meteorology and cartography.

  • Charles Darwin

This English naturalist was a pioneer of oceanography. He sailed across the globe, studying and categorising new animals and plants. From his findings of both land and sea creatures he developed the theories of evolution and natural selection which are still important to science today. His revolutionary theories changed the landscape of scientific fields forever.

  • Fridtjof Nansen

This Norwegian explorer was one of the first people make the crossing of the interior of Greenland. His contributions to oceanography and his work in diplomacy earned him a Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Jacques Cousteau

He started as an officer in the French Navy. Later in his life Cousteau became a pioneer in underwater film making and documentarian. He is perhaps one of the most famous undersea explorers of all time. The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau helped to educate the public on ocean topics. He was also a noted researcher and conservationist.

  • Vagn Ekman

This Swedish oceanographer helped to develop theories that focused on explaining the dynamics of currents in the ocean. He invented numerous instruments that aided the study of oceanography. These are still used by modern scientists.