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This website is a one stop shop for all things Ocean. There are various topics covered throughout the site including oceanology, the Pacific Ocean, famous Oceanographers and casino slot games with an ocean theme.

The Purpose of Our Site

The main aim of this site is to inform. It is hoped that by the end of reading through each page the reader will have a better sense of the work being done by scientists in the world’s oceans. It is also hoped the reader will become better educated about casino slot games that have an ocean theme.

The Website Audience

This site is for everyone to enjoy. It will be of interest to those who want to learn about marine biology, ocean geography and online casino game design.

Navigating the Site

You will be able to access individual pages if you do not want to read through each section. Individual sections include info on famous oceanographers, articles on the Pacific Ocean, stories of research innovations and an article focusing on ocean slot games.

Why an Ocean Theme?

The sea is of fascination to us all. It holds many mysteries which are now being revealed thanks to scientific research. This site focuses on issues relating to the ocean because there are so many interesting stories relating to it.

Scientists are learning more about marine creatures everyday. The geography of the sea gives us greater insight into the landmasses of the world millions of years ago. History can be learnt by studying how figures have navigated and studied the ocean.

The ocean is also useful for graphic designers and website developers to use as a theme for casino slot games. The sea has rich imagery which can be used to create a visually appealing game. It is an ideal to use.